How to Pee with Morning Wood • The Men Men

How to Pee with Morning Wood • The Men MenHow to Pee with Morning Wood • The Men Men

Wake up sleepy, the sun is up! Ah, it seems that the sun is not the only thing that is up. Look  down, what did you see? Yes, it is your antenna that is still broadcasting the late night show. This phenomenon is also known as “Morning Wood”. Not only that but also your bladder is about to explode, it’s time for a “wee wee”.

But how can one do anything while suffering from this horrible and primitive condition? It is time for you to finally learn how to cooperate with your little brother. It is time to Pee with Morning Wood. All of the positions have been clinically tested* and proven to provide miraculous results.
* Clinically tested by Mohanzawa Zuk Zuk laboratory Inc., Zimbabwe. Ben’s Tips takes no responsibility whatsoever. Always try the positions with your mouth closed.

ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM MEMORY LOSS? YES? FANTASTIC! You can buy this Peeing guide as a beautiful PRINTED POSTER and hang it right above the toilet. Just take a look at the printed instructions and you can easily try a new position every day!

ATTENTION ALL WOMEN! Do you have an eternally wet toilet seat in your household? We all know who is the one to blame: MOTHER NATURE. You see, a man can not control all of his body parts in the morning. Please, educate your man by getting him a manual – a manual which educates him how to live with himself. Purchase one by clicking HERE

We had a competition on Reddit, where people could submit their version of “THE SUPERMAN”. Here are the results (WARNING! Contains naked butts):

  1. This guy in a hotel room
  2. A true Superman
  3. Probably a Woman. We are still investigating
  4. The Superman selfie

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